What We Do

At the moment, we enjoy Marathon Races, Training, and Touring (recreational kayak paddling). These activities have been at the heart of our club since the beginning.


You will often find us on different evenings during the week, preparing to set off from Benarth Slipway, Conwy (see where to find us page or click HERE).

Quite often, you will find the touring paddlers and marathon trainers setting off on the River Conwy together. Although the marathon trainers tend to edge away in terms of speed, most paddlers often cover the same distance, and of course everyone enjoys the wonderful scenery.

The sort of distance a reasonably fit novice can achieve might be 2 miles, or more. For a beginner, you might be surprised to discover that it takes less than an hour to paddle this distance at a sensible pace. Novice paddlers might also be surprised to learn that 4-5 miles isn't a difficult distance to achieve when tackled sensibly, with adequate supervision and reasonable kit. Following maybe six to twelve months of regular paddling, 10-15 miles in one day shouldn't be strenuous.

Of course, there are lots of factors that affect the distance you cover; including age, physical fitness & health, experience & technique, the type of kayak or canoe you paddle, clothing (not too hot or too cold), the weather, water conditions (waves, flow, tidal streams & eddies etc). The more experienced paddlers in our club will always be aware of these things and will look out for you while you pick up the basics. As your skills and experience improve, you will be able to plan and cope sensibly with the activity and environment. This includes sorting things out even before getting into the kayak or canoe.

Within a year of paddling you may well be able to take part in the Conwy Ascent (Race or Tour). The distance is about 15km. Assisted by the sea tide flowing upstream, this distance can be covered in good time. It's a great achievement to complete the Conwy ascent at any time but memories the scenery, excitement and fun of doing it for the first time will stay with you forever. You might be surprised to learn that if you take it on as a tour in a sensible manner, you shouldn't be worn out at the finish line! Besides, you have a big sandwich, a cup of tea and a souvenir memento waiting for you at the 'end of race' presentation. If you would like to know more, a website link to click on at our home page or you can visit the Conwy Ascent pages by clicking HERE

Some serious paddlers travel far and wide to compete at the Conwy Ascent, and it will be part of their annual racing events calendar. Take a look at the results pages on that website; the times achieved by our own members and visiting athletic racers are quite remarkable.

So there you are, you can choose to tour, begin a passion for marathon racing or both, and more with the DCP club.

Activities open to DCP club members are: