About Dyffryn Conwy Paddlers

We are a mixed group of paddlers who regularly paddle kayaks or canoes specialised for efficient forward paddling, generally called 'Marathon Boats' Although many participate in a wide variety of paddlesports our main focus in "DCP" is paddling the varied waters of the Conwy and it's estuary.

The regular weekly activities during the main paddling months, which run from March to early October are based around a weekly social paddle on the Conwy, and a Friday race around Conwy Harbour. Many of us paddle all year.

We supply boats, paddles and other equipment for those that need them. We have a full range of boats from stable touring boats to full on racing craft.

New paddlers are always welcome, but always phone Penny first, to check that conditions are suitable for your level of experience as the Conwy has a very large tidal range, making some evenings easier than others, and the time can vary depending on daylight hours.

Visiting paddlers are always welcome to join us in the social paddle or time trial.

Other information

Dyffryn Conwy Paddlers was founded in October 1991 to encourage the development of flat water paddling, both touring and racing, in the Conwy area.

Our usual week in the season, largely from March to October, comprises a regular Tuesday evening paddle, and a race on Fridays. There are also weekend events and races.

We are the only club in North Wales who are focused on paddling Marathon boats. These are the straight running Kayaks used in fast inland touring and racing. They are the type used in Olympic competition. If you are used to a sea or white water kayak they will feel very loose on you. If they turn over you just fall out, as the cockpit is enormous. Because they are so straight running they are turned with a foot operated rudder. They will make your white water boat feel like paddling a bath.

Clothing is just thermals and a windproof in season. This is a bit of a culture change for some paddlers, and it is possible to paddle in a short sleeve wetsuit, or drysuit, but both restrict movement and can get too hot.

We have a mixture of racing paddlers, who compete across Northern England and further afield, and lots recreational paddlers who just like to enjoy the view. Races are usually over multiples of around 4 miles, but can be much longer. 4 miles takes a fit 40 year newish paddler about 40 minutes and a very fit top level paddler around 30 minutes.


We have a diverse and open membership, however the nature of the water that we paddle on mean that children cannot participate without a paddling parent.




The club owns a range of one and two person Marathon boats, specialised carbon fibre paddles, spray decks and buoyancy aids. The kayaks include stable boats for novices as well as lightweight faster racing K1s . Most members start by using club equipment, which gives them an opportunity to progress to faster, but more challenging equipment if they want. If you are thinking of buying a boat, try ours first and find out what suits you. For more information about our Kayaks please click HERE